freedom festival 2023

Get ready to decode

Hidden Locations:

The festival will take place at carefully chosen spots within Kenya, unveiled only to registered participants shortly before the event. This adds an element of mystery and adventure.

Ciphered Invitations:

Participants will receive ciphered invitations, reminiscent of secret codes used by the Mau Mau. Solving these codes will reveal the event's exact location and time, creating anticipation and engagement.

A Festival Like No Other

Immersive Film Experiences: Step into the past with immersive film screenings that pay tribute to our heroes and history. Each event is a journey through time, a celebration of our heritage, and an inspiration for active citizenship.

Adventure Awaits: Step into the shoes of your heroes by engaging in thrilling activities like paintball shooting experiences, fitness challenges, and family and friends adventure games.

Art & Activism: Explore the intersection of art, history, and activism with book clubs and alternative events at Embe Creatives, Nairobi's vibrant art and fashion village.

Environmental Conservation: Join us in nurturing our environment with tree planting workshops and activities dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of Nairobi.

Why Attend

The Freedom Festival 2023 isn't just a festival; it's an exploration of hidden history, an unveiling of secrets, and a call to action. By attending, you become part of a legacy, a tribute to our past, and a catalyst for Kenya's future.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Are you ready to decode history and embark on an adventure of a lifetime? Join us as we unveil the secrets of our past, celebrate our present, and shape a future filled with hope and promise.

Mission 1: The Induction

Your inaugural mission awaits! It's a mission of purpose and commitment. Your task is simple but profound: plant a tree as a symbol of your dedication to nurturing Kenya and safeguarding her future.